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What Is Generic Drugs?

Generic are medicines with the proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence with the original. That are medicines, having the same composition of active ingredients, a dosage form and efficiency, as well as original preparations, but not possessing patent protection. Generic may differ from an original preparation on constituent elements structure. They take their place in the market after the termination of validity period of original preparations patent protection.

The necessary requirement for sale of generic is proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence with the original. My Canadian Pharmacy sells generic ed drugs canada according all the requirements.

The price on generic is much lower, than on original preparations, thus generic don’t differ from original means by efficiency and safety, and are made in strict accordance with the established regulations and the quality standards.

Use of generics has great medical and social value as makes high-quality treatment available for general population. For example, in the USA now more than 60% of all written-out medicines are generic. The similar statistics is observed in countries of Western Europe as well, for example in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.

Broad use of generic allows to spend more rationally the national budget allocated for the health care purposes and, thus, to create a financial reserve for payment of expensive medical products, procedures and services. In turn, the price competition from producers of generic pushes the innovative companies to creation of essentially new, more modern preparations and treatment methods.

Generic do not do harm to your health otherwise they have not been sold on the pharmaceutical market. There is a great benefit for both sides in case of generic drugs but the most idea is to help people to purchase drugs of low price because sometimes people do not have enough money to buy brand preparations.