Price $13.95
One pound of Cookiedoodle Coffee. Our best coffee according to the selling rates! Just it seems to resemble the old fashioned cookie fried with light canella with hazelnut and vanilla. Whole Beans.

Traverse City Cherry
Traverse City Cherry coffeePrice $13.95
One pound of Traverse City Cherry coffee straightforward from the orchards. A glorious taste of fresh collected black cherries. Whole Beans.
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Cherry coffeePrice $13.95
One pound of Chocolate Cherry coffee. A earthy taste of chocolate with black cherries. Unbelievable with a touch of sugar mixed when mealing the beans.


Jamican Me Crazy
Jamican Me Crazy coffeePrice $13.95
One pound of Jamican Me Crazy coffee beans. A cool mixture of caramel, kahlua, and vanilla. A best seller!
Vanilla Nut Cream
Vanilla Nut Cream coffeePrice $13.95
One pound of Vanilla Nut Cream coffee. A dignified combination of vanilla, nut and cream. Whole Beans.
Blueberry Cinnamon
Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble coffeePrice $13.95
One pound of Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble coffee. The smells resembles you of blueberry muffins straightforward from the oven. Whole Beans.


Almond & Coconut
Almond Coconut coffeePrice $13.95
A pound of Almond Coconut coffee beans. An amazing taste of chocolate, browned almonds and hints of coconut just like the candy bar.
Dutch Chocolate Mint
Dutch Chocolate Mint coffeePrice $13.95
One pound of Dutch Chocolate Mint coffee beans. The fresh combination of mint and chocolate like the afterdinner mint chewing-gum.
English Toffee
English Toffee coffee
Price $13.95
A pound of English Toffee coffee beans. A pleasant, smooth European stlye caramel.